This is a decentralized ecosystem that is multi-functional in its operations, purposely designed to eliminate irregularities in the mobile games industry.

This platform is AI enabled which automatically separates it from any other similar platform. The workings of the platform is that of a complex processor and it is absolutely the best yet in the gaming sector.

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BGX aims to make gaming more personalized for players and also to help them make profits in the process. The way BGX is designed allows for automated processing by artificial intelligence and all this is towards a goal which is to make the billion dollar gaming industry decentralized.

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Game developers will have complete control over their services and this will be made possible because BGX platform is equipped with a range of functions that will make developers have easy control of their activities on platform.

This platform allows the use of cryptocurrency and helps developers move their ideas from the intangible phase to a tangible one by helping them to develop them. Developers on the platform will have the opportunity to turn their games into money making ventures and also other revenue earning functionalities on the platform will ensure that users of the platform have a rewarding experience.

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Players will be given the opportunity to earn money as they do what they love, gaming. As they play games and share them, they can be rest assured of additional income. Gamers will be able to send money from one party to the other through the use of digital wallets and also players will be privileged to access overdraft, bonuses and also to feature in game competitions for prizes and rewards.


Third party App in stores will open up a channel for more audience participation and by so doing will help to distribute the BGX app. Token holders will earn good returns on their investment in the BGX crypto enabled platform. As the revenue of BGX continues to grow, the token holders will get a share of the revenue.


BGX is actually a platform that has the desire to provide the game industry with solutions that will help their growth and success. The platform also operates with the most advanced Artificial Intelligence and blockchain networks. Players and game developers will all have equal opportunity to buy and sell using the app marketplace and also to make contact with millions of gamers all over the globe.

BGX protects their users from any malicious attack and makes their platform accessible for just a 10% fee which can be redeemed with their token.

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The strategy which is being adopted by the BGX team has proven beyond every other reasonable doubt, that the project is being handled by experts and professionals who have amassed decade long experiences in the gaming industry, and have been an integral part of the crypto currency community.

BGX will go beyond eliminating the current limitations in the gaming industry, it sill further takes the cake towards helping people find their true passions in the gaming industry, and help them become better gamers.

Website: https://bgx.ai/
Whitepaper: https://bgx.ai/documents/BGX_White_Paper_1.0.pdf
Telegram: https://t.me/bgx_group 
Twitter : https://twitter.com/BGXGlobal
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/bgxglobal/
Github: https://github.com/BGXTechnology/BGX
Medium : https://medium.com/@bgxglobal

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