Today we shall be embarking on a review journey of an interesting concept which will readily gain partners in their numbers. Let’s go!

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A Sneak Peek At The Current Way Of Doing Things

More often than not we see reports about the sudden increase in the users of the crypto market. What causes this? Let’s say it is because more and more people are seeing the benefits of cryptocurrency and are simply making moves to become a part of it.

The usual method in the purchase of cryptocurrency is to buy bitcoin or Ethereum and with them we can exchange for other coins. Since the first cryptocurrency exchange, the number of exchange activity has increased tremendously, yet this industry is still opposed by some world governments which makes it illegal in those places.

A Possible Scenario

For instance, citizens resident in certain countries are not allowed to participate in cryptocurrency or any transaction related to it. Countries located in the middle east also face this challenge, and despite the great wealth in the region, people find it difficult to participate in cryptocurrency.

They can’t get easily verified and their accounts always get blocked if they happen to get verified. CryptoSouk will make this issue a thing of the past.

Hope For The Middle East

The project is aimed at including middle east into the world of cryptocurrency with their trading platform. The creators of the platform have designed the platform to include the Arabic language and also taking into consideration the characteristics of the region.


CryptoSouk has a lot of objectives and one of them is to equip crypto users with the right tools to succeed in their business, no matter their professional level.

The CryptoSouk Platform

The CryptoSouk platform will feature an interface that can be used by anyone, making it easy to operate and their system will process transactions faster than what is obtainable on different platforms, at a million transactions in just one second.

A variety of tools will be provided for users to choose from to enable them to analyze the market more accurately and to purchase and sell digital assets.

With CryptoSouk, those who might have lost interest in the market because of its technicalities, will make their way back because of how easy their platform makes the crypto industry.

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Unlimited Benefits

Image result for cryptosouk icoThe summary of the matter is this, the crypto market will continue to grow as more people discover its benefits and that is the reason why the CryptoSouk team have made sure to include the middle east in this growing market with their platform which will support their main language, the Arabic language.

By this, a lot of people will become interested in cryptocurrency which will provide more liquidity for the economy.

Currency exchange has never had it this good and CryptoSouk will continue to raise the bar. Users can exchange crypto to Fiat and vice versa and also the high commission rate existing in other platforms will not be found on this platform.

This is a good ICO for my readers to partner with but in the end, you’ll have to make the call.


Website https://cryptosouk.io/ico

Whitepaper https://cryptosouk.io/pdf/whitepaper_v2.pdf

ANN Thread https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4515317

Twitter https://twitter.com/CryptoSouk

Facebook http://fb.me/CryptoSouk.io

Username: babilon

Profile URL:  https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2075694

ERC 20 Address: 0x36ace244046f8E8576F9378bfFf73036B6C790dd

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