Every business wants to identify with the fast growing blockchain technology because of the immense benefits it brings. This is why there is a sudden rise of activities in the blockchain industry.

The market capitalization of the blockchain is estimated to reach 20 billion USD by the 2024. The possibilities of this technology is vast and many industries will definitely benefit from it and one of the companies tapping into this new technology is Destream.

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The Challenge Faced By The Market

The lack of a suitable payment structure is what makes the streaming service a lot complicated than it should be. The systems in place prevents viewers from making donations as they would like, because most systems do not support certain currencies, thereby making payments a lot more complex. Destream’s alternative will be a solution everyone can adopt for their transactions.

About Destream

Destream came into existence to make the creation of content a simpler process. With their platform they aim to make financial transactions less stressful and more rewarding and to also ensure that viewers get to interact with their content creators.

This global ecosystem will become a big part of the market and will transform it by providing the professional assistance needed by their users to stream and make profit. This platform will revolutionize the streaming industry and make it more accessible to people and easy to use and profit from.

A Solution

The DeStream hub will allow users to make donations in any currency of their choice with a payment system that is effective, thereby giving streamers an avenue to make profit from their creations through a single wallet system.

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Streamers will be able to work with advertisers to direct their advertising needs to the right channels. Streamers will have better chances of getting such an opportunity on the Destream platform because of their advanced distribution network which will enable advertisers to locate streamers for their needs.

Users of the platform will enjoy various products and services at cheap rates through payment with DeStream token. Users will be self-sufficient on their platform because all their needs will be met on the platform and they won’t have the need of any external service.

What Strategies Are Offered By Destream?

Image result for destream icoThe DeStream platform guarantees users the ability to perform various tasks at once. This is made possible with their patented algorithms and advertisers can confidently spread the news about their products to potential customers and also update their creation constantly.

Users can pay for services with a multicurrency wallet as the DeStream platform accepts both fiat and cryptocurrency and their rate of conversion from one to DST tokens comes at a cheap rate.

Advertisers will be able to use the platform to determine how profitable their advertising will be and also the amount of returns to be expected.

The Benefits

Users will be able to use the DST token to make purchases from their affiliate shops. Analysis of big data will be easily accomplished on their platform and payment of services will no longer be a complex task to undertake.


This platform presents an exciting approach for the daily operations of the streaming industry. It doesn’t matter what you have been used to in the past, Destream offers something better and only those who join with them can attest to their uniqueness. Therefore, if you’re looking for an ICO to partner with, I believe Destream is the right one for you.

Website: https://DeStream.io


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